Scaffolding Hire in Ashford | We Answer Your Questions

Most customers in Ashford will naturally want to know what Folkestone Scaffolding Ltd will provide when they choose our domestic or commercial scaffolding hire services. This could include anything from the total cost, the length of time it will take to erect the scaffolding tower and what sets us apart from other scaffolding companies in the area.

As a Dover-based scaffolding company, we like to provide responsive and helpful advice on all aspects of our work. This is why we’ve decided to answer some of the questions we are regularly asked on this page. This should help potential customers in Ashford to understand more about domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and our supporting services.

How much does domestic scaffolding cost to hire?

The cost of domestic scaffolding in the Ashford area will be dependent on the size of your project and how long you require scaffolding hire for. Once we’ve undertaken a free site survey, one of our scaffolding team will present you with your no-obligation quotation. We can beat most other scaffolding companies in the Kent area for price and we deliver a standard of quality and professionalism that’s unequalled among our competitors.

How quickly can you dismantle commercial scaffolding in Ashford?

Again, this depends on the size of the project. Most scaffolding hire deconstruction work is completed on the same day you contact us for removal but we always appreciate a bit of notice. What we won’t do, unlike other scaffolding companies, is to leave scaffolding in place at your Ashford site weeks after your job has finished at additional cost to the project

Are you able to undertake offshore scaffolding services?

Yes. We have a full range of scaffolding solutions for marine requirements. In recent years, we have provided access for windfarms, shipping vessels and tankers as well as dry dock repairs. Our scaffolding erectors use established procedures when constructing offshore scaffolding. This is backed by expert design, experience and high-specification builds.

Is it possible to view previous scaffolding projects?

If you go to our portfolio page, you’ll be able to see photographs of previous domestic and commercial scaffolding constructions we’ve supplied for customers in Ashford and the surrounding Kent area. We cater for all construction, renovation and repair projects locally, across the UK, offshore and far into Europe if this is required.

How often do you check commercial scaffolding constructions?

A member of our team will make weekly checks on all scaffolding hire components, domestic or commercial. This is to make sure the construction is safe and to check there are no signs of wear or tear in tubes, boards or couplers. If high winds or prolonged torrential rain have hit your site in Ashford, call us immediately and we’ll provide a swift inspection.

All scaffolding companies are legally bound to undertake such action, but we provide the service regardless because the safety of our customers always comes first.

Do you provide 24-hour scaffolding services?

Yes. If your building in Ashford has suffered damage due to issues such as inclement weather or subsidence, we can provide a fast and responsive service to secure your site. From temporary roof scaffolding to domestic support scaffolding, we can tailor each construction to provide the access needed at the times where it is needed the most.

If you require more information about scaffolding hire services in Ashford, call 01303 892428. We look forward to hearing from you.